Anwer the questions below putting your responses in the online form box (don't forget to hit send):

1.Has you family experienced any financial hardships/difficulties as a result of Covid-19?

2.How are you and your family currently feeling as a result of the pandemic and restrictions?

3.What is you family member with DS’s general levels of anxiety as a result of the pandemic? How are your levels of anxiety as a parent/carer?

4.What has the impact of lockdown/social distancing had on you and your family members physical health?

5.Are your family willing and able to get out of the house?

6.Do you have access to a garden?

7.Do they have sports equipment at home - balls, garden games, etc?

8.Have they taken part in any online physical activities i.e Zoom sessions, Youtube videos, Xbox 360, Wii, etc?

9.If not, why have you not taken part in online physical activities?

10.Do you have access to a computer, laptop or tablet/iPad?

11.Have you been more or less active as a family during Lockdown / because of social distancing requirements? 

11a.If less active, what would help you be more active?

11b.If more active, how and why have you/your family member been more active?