Return to Honeyhill

We are hoping to return to Honeyhill children's centre on the 8th and 15th June and the 8th July 4.30 til 6pm. Bring a snack and drink!

YDP will be joining us too for a sports session.


As we welcome everyone back to Honeyhill, it’s also time for our Agm. It would be great to do this face to face this year so we would like to suggest that we do it in two sessions 

Firstly, for those whose child will be at Speech therapy with Hayley on 8th June, meet in the café area, we can keep socially distanced and will be below 30 in numbers. That will be an opportunity to find out what the progress is with T-21 and the café too.

The following week, parents of the younger members can meet while the children are with the sports people. Some trustees who attended the previous session can supervise the children.

Because of restrictions, we really need to have numbers so please can you let Maggie know by email: