The children's services have been given some money from HeadtoToes, which has already enabled us to do some amazing murals for the corridors at the CDC- COVID friendly and wipeable!
We are also looking at getting some illuminating ceiling tiles in the gym (9tiles), the large therapy room ( 4 tiles) and the corridor leading down from the main entrance into the consulting rooms (8 tiles). 
We would greatly appreciate the input and opinion from as many of our children and families. To make it as much as possible as a welcoming environment , when they next come to see us in clinics. Could you please forward the below link to be filled in? It only takes 2 minutes. 
Thank you so much

Dr Vesna Augustic

Consultant Paediatrician 

Community Paediatrics Tel: 0300 5555 810
Children in Care Team Tel: 0300 5555 860

Children’s Directorate
Winchester Place
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